What went proper: England’s rewilding plan, extra constructive information

A nature restoration plan has been announced for England

Farmers in England are being paid to create wildlife habitats, restore waterways and protect endangered species in a “radical” reorganization of land tenure practices, announced this week.

On Thursday the UK government announced plans for two nature restoration programs. The first, the Local Nature Recovery initiative, pays farmers for “locally targeted measures that give nature space”. The program is slated to roll out nationwide in 2024 and aims to reverse the fate of some of England’s most endangered species.

The landscape restoration project, meanwhile, will support more radical changes to the landscape, including the creation of nature reserves, forests and wetlands.

The government wants an area the size of Lancashire to be covered by 2042. Environmental groups cautiously welcomed the plan but called for more detailed and faster action.

“How these programs work in practice is still a concern for both us and farmers,” said Beccy Speight, executive director of the RSPB.

Image: Niklas Weiss

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