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UK help aids clever regional medicine struggle

Anti-drug officials from across South and East Africa were accompanied by officials from the UK’s National Crime Agency – the agency that directs the UK’s fight against serious and organized crime – and spent two days at the Eden Bleu Hotel to gain their understanding regional illicit drug trafficking and developing strategies for sharing information to counter the threat.

The workshop participants came from 18 countries including the Seychelles law enforcement agencies. Participants focused on how to function better as a region, share information and intelligence, and collectively fight criminals involved in drug trafficking and operating across national borders.

The workshop was officially opened by Acting UK High Commissioner Dave Jones, who urged delegates to use the workshop to build strong, resilient and constructive relationships.

It is important to realize that your interactions will not only strengthen the region’s drug control capacity, but that the fact that this meeting is taking place sends a strong message to those who would seek to exploit this region as a drug delivery and outlet.

Their presence tells them that this region is not and will not be a weak link in the fight against cross-border organized crime. It sends the message that illicit drug trafficking is intolerable not just in your home countries but throughout the region. And it tells the unscrupulous, the morally bankrupt, those dealing in human misery that a strong and uninterrupted web is formed around them in this region.

The Acting High Commissioner encouraged delegates to learn

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