Tom ‘The Tech Chap’ Honeyands’ Residence Is A Tech Wonderland

Tom ‘The Tech Chap’ Honeyands is an award-winning YouTuber with over 1 million subscribers. We take a look inside his house to see how super-reliable Sky Broadband Superfast powers his passion for technology (and his love of coffee).

When you run one of the UK’s best tech YouTube channels and become a trusted resource for anyone in need of a gadget, your pad is guaranteed to have the latest tech toys. In the case of Tom ‘The Tech Chap’ Honeyands, his home even has its own gaming room and movie studio, so we couldn’t wait to get a tour of the house.

At home with The Tech Chap, Tom Honeyands

With over 1 million dedicated subscribers, Honeyands is the right contact for technical advice, whether you want to upgrade your gaming PC, decide on a new laptop or want to equip yourself with the latest smartphone. So it’s no wonder that his home is a gadget lover’s paradise, powered by one thing: Super reliable, Sky broadband Super fast.

Honeyands organizes HuffPost Germany on a tour of his home, where he presented his great set-up. He has all the equipment to produce award-winning content to captivate his audience, including a 77-inch OLED TV, a home game setup with an ultra-wide monitor, high-end graphics card, tons of RAM, and a high- End-end processor and even its own film studio, complete with the latest cameras and lighting.

“I’ve spent years tweaking this. I use this to upload and download my videos, create my videos and share my content, ”he says of his dedicated film section.

Tom shows his reliable home setup

Connected devices that rely on super reliable, Sky broadband Superfast to work efficiently and effectively and demonstrate Honeyands’ passion for gadgets. He has everything: lights that change with the sound of his voice, a coffee machine that brews its first oat milk flat white in bed, smart fans, robotic vacuum cleaners and more.

“Even my robotic vacuum cleaner is connected to broadband at home, literally everything,” he says. “I’m a technical YouTuber, so I have a billion smartly networked devices, all of which are connected via broadband.”

Honeyands’ love and expertise in everything technology and gadget related is a passion that has resulted in a profitable career and for which he is recognized. Check out the video to see how he proudly showcases his golden YouTube Creators Play Button Award.

Honeyands loves to spend his time researching new technologies and gadgets, both privately and professionally. As improbable as it sounds reliable broadband also played a role in his romantic life.

“I met my wife through what I’m doing now through my YouTube channels. Without the internet and my broadband we would probably never have met. “

Check out the video above to see Tom’s amazing movie studio, gaming facility, connected devices, and more.

Whether it’s gaming, music or the latest technology, find out how super reliable Sky Broadband Superfast could fuel your passions.

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