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Steering: Authorities Useful Customary GovS 011: Communication

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Government Functional Standard GovS 011: Communication


The standard provides instructions and guidelines for:

  • Permanent Secretaries, Directors General (and Chief Executive Officers (CEO) of independent bodies)
  • senior executives and board members within organizations;
  • those who commission the communication
  • Communication leads within organizations
  • those involved in developing, managing, and delivering communications
  • Third parties involved in government communications, including partnership marketing

Published on November 4, 2020
Last updated on September 3, 2021 + view all updates

  1. September 3, 2021

    Version 2.0 of this standard replaces the previous edition [version 1 dated August 2019] and has the same purpose, scope and intent. The most important changes relate to: Updated references from the GCS Canon of Professional Practice Minor wording changes to ensure consistency across the entire suite of functional standards. Breakdown of key principles [section 2] from seven to nine to improve clarity.

  2. 4th November 2020

    First published.

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