PSBP: funding procurement settlement signed for aggregator mannequin

The Education Funding Agency (EFA) has developed a funding model for the Priority School Building Program based on the establishment of a funding vehicle called the Aggregator. One of the main features of the aggregator is the ability to store loans and thereby aggregate all financing needs across all batches.

There was great interest in the award of the contract and EFA would like to thank all consortia for the high quality submissions that were received during the award of the contract.

EFA is pleased to announce that it signed a funding agreement with the aggregator on November 5th, 2014. The Aggregator is a wholly owned subsidiary of International Public Partnerships Limited, a FTSE-250 listed company, receives services from Amber Infrastructure Limited and becomes senior funding from Aviva and EIB.

EFA is now looking forward to working with the aggregator to fund the first of the private funding packages.

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