Prince Harry’s ‘intimate’ memoir: what would possibly he reveal?

Prince Harry is writing an “intimate and heartfelt memoir,” expected to be published by Penguin Random House late next year, the publishing giant announced yesterday.

The Duke of Sussex’s upcoming book promises to be the “first” time to share his life experience “from childhood to today” in public. It will cover everything from his time in Afghanistan as part of his military service to “the joy he found in being husband and father,” the official statement said. Prince Harry plans to donate the proceeds of his book to charity, a number that will be at least $ 20 million (pounds 14.7 million) according to Page Six, the New York Post’s celebrity news site.

“I am not writing this as the prince I was born but the man I became,” said Harry, 36, in a statement included in the same press release. He added that he is “excited” when the public reads an account of his life that is “accurate and completely truthful” – a nod to his longstanding struggles with the media that he talked about during his bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey last March spoke.

Sources close to the Prince of Wales told The Times that Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, were “surprised” by the news last night. “Apparently they didn’t know about it,” reports the newspaper, adding that an unnamed helper just said, “Oh God”.

So what bombshell revelations could include Harry’s memoir?

Since stepping down from his royal duties with Meghan Markle in January 2020, the prince has not held back when speaking about his experiences as part of Britain’s most famous family.

When speaking with Winfrey, Harry revealed that he felt “trapped” in the construct of the institution and that his father no longer answered his calls. Two months later, on the Armchair Expert podcast, the prince spoke openly about his family’s “genetic pain and suffering” and said he wanted to “break the cycle for his children.”

One of the biggest talking points from Harry and Meghan’s TV interview with Winfrey was the couple’s claim that an unnamed royal was questioning “how dark” baby Archie would be “and what it would mean or look like”. . At the time, the Duchess of Sussex did not give names as she said it would be “very harmful to her”.

But Charlie Lankston in the Daily Mail says, “Harry might well choose to name the person involved in his memoir – which could undoubtedly spark an angry backlash and an investigation into this king’s behavior.”

The prince may also want to take his wife’s side on allegations that she was “faced with a bullying complaint from one of her closest advisers” while serving as the royal, the Times reported in March.

Sources told the newspaper at the time that it had been accused of “evicting two personal assistants from the household” and “undermining the trust of a third employee.” Since then, at least ten ex-Palast employees are said to have stood in line to present evidence in an upcoming independent investigation.

Meanwhile, Harry’s broken relationship with his brother, believed to have been sparked by his decision to step down from his royal duties, has been widely reported – but little is known about the exact details of the couple’s painful aftermath. These upcoming memoirs “could provide a lot more detail about his relationship with his brother – and finally reveal the prince’s views on what exactly started the fallout in the first place,” Lankston said in the Mail.

“If the project gives the Duke of Sussex the full opportunity to tell his side of the story of ‘Megxit’ – the couple’s decision in 2019 to step down from royal duties – or settle the bill, like his mother’s death “Princess Diana, handled by the royals, will undoubtedly make history,” adds Page Six.

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