Press launch: Authorities creates new physique to assist handle and ship main tasks for UK economic system

The government announced today that Infrastructure UK (IUK) and the Major Projects Authority (MPA) will merge to bring together, for the first time, the government’s expertise, knowledge and skills in managing and executing large commercial projects.

The new organization, which will be called the Infrastructure and Projects Authority, will pool the government’s expertise in funding, executing and securing these projects, ranging from large infrastructure projects such as Crossrail and the Thames Tideway Tunnel to large transformation programs such as Universal Loan.

It will be formally launched on January 1, 2016 and will report jointly to the Chancellor and the Minister for the Cabinet Office. Its Chief Executive will be Tony Meggs, the current Chief Executive of the MPA.

It was also announced today that Geoffrey Spence, the current Chief Executive of IUK, has decided to leave his current position and take on a new challenge in the private sector.

Chancellor George Osborne said:

By merging Infrastructure UK with the Major Projects Authority and creating the new National Infrastructure Commission, we are moving into the next phase of our plan to ensure the UK economy receives the transformation projects it needs.

I would like to thank Geoffrey Spence for the brilliant job he has done as Head of Infrastructure UK since July 2011. Under his leadership, the IUK became a more effective organization supporting the UK National Infrastructure Plan, the UK Guarantee Scheme for Infrastructure and a new model for the provision of public services by the private sector, PF2.

Cabinet Secretary Matt Hancock said:

The new Infrastructure and Projects Authority is another step forward in delivering what Britain needs to succeed in the 21st century. By combining project expertise with funding expertise, we improve the performance of governments and the associated economic security. Tony Meggs was a highly respected MPA General Manager and has the leadership and ability to make the new organization a great success.

Additional information

IUK was founded in 2010 to support large infrastructure projects with public capital such as Crossrail. It is also a leader in PFI policy across the government; and negotiates infrastructure guarantees, with up to 40 billion available to support investments in UK infrastructure projects. It is currently located within the UK Treasury and is staffed by around 70 civil servants and economists from the private sector.

The MPA was founded in 2011 with the task of overseeing and safeguarding the largest government projects. It provides security and support for the projects that comprise the Government Major Projects Portfolio, around 200 projects with a total volume of nearly 500 billion in public spending. It is housed in the cabinet office and employs around 80 officials. They are supported by a number of assessors who are called in to validate individual projects.

Tony Meggs is a senior executive with significant experience as a commercial and technical manager in the private sector, including overseeing BP’s technology, projects and engineering functions. He has also led collaborations with several universities, including co-chairing a major study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on the future of natural gas. He has been interim chairman of the MPA since the beginning of the year and was recently appointed to the permanent position following an open selection process.

Geoffrey Spence has been Chief Executive of Infrastructure UK since July 2011 and has successfully led the organization through a critical phase, transforming its effectiveness and implementing the UK National Infrastructure Plan, the UK Guarantee Scheme for Infrastructure and a new model of public service delivery by the private sector , PF2. Geoffrey has decided to take on a new challenge in the private sector and

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