MI5 Joins Instagram As Spy Companies Step Out Of The Shadows

Peter Nicholls on REUTERSThames House, the headquarters of MI5 in London.

MI5 opens an official Instagram account of spy agencies as the last step to become more open to their work.

The secret service says the move is an attempt to destroy popular myths and reveal archival material never seen before.

Starting Thursday, users will be able to track the body via @ mi5official to make the organization more transparent about their work.

The platform is used for online questions and answers with serving intelligence officials as well as promoting career opportunities.

For the first time, historical exhibits from the MI5 museum will also be shown in the basement of the agency’s London headquarters.

The agency follows the GCHQ, which joined Facebook’s own social network in October 2018.

It comes after new CEO Ken McCallum said in his first media engagement in October that he wanted MI5 to “open up and reach out in new ways,” especially when communicating with younger viewers.

“Much of what we do has to remain invisible, but what we are doesn’t have to be,” he said.

“Indeed, opening up is key to our future success.”

McCallum wrote in The Telegraph that it was time to shed all “martini drinking stereotypes” and that it was a “dangerous vanity” for the organization to try to work “in its own bubble.”

He wrote: “We need to overcome all stereotypes of drinking martini by conveying a little more about what today’s MI5 actually looks like so that people do not exclude themselves based on perceived barriers such as socio-economic background and ethnicity, sexuality, gender, Disability or what part of the country they happened to be born in. “

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