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Graham Brady Going through Problem For Tory 1922 Committee Chair Position

DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS via Getty ImagesConservative MP Graham Brady, 1922 Chairman of the Conservative Committee of Backbench MPs

Covid lockdown skeptic Sir Graham Brady faces a potential challenge for leading the influential 1922 Conservative Committee of the Backbench.

Ex-minister Robert Goodwill has briefed MPs on replacing the backbench shop steward who has repeatedly rebelled over Covid restrictions.

Goodwill allies said the Scarborough and Whitby MP believed the 1922 chairman should be loyal in public in order to obtain the right to privately tell the truth to power.

They reject proposals that Goodwill, who voted for Remain in the 2016 EU referendum, despite being a “staunch Eurosceptic”, would be supported by the government.

And they indicate that he has clashed with the prime minister in the past.

As one of David Cameron’s transport ministers, Goodwill criticized the then London Mayor Johnson’s plans for an airport in the Thames estuary known as Boris Island.

Goodwill also led the decision to force Johnson’s father Stanley to leave his multi-million dollar home in Primrose Hill, north London, to make way for the HS2 high-speed line.

British Parliament / Jessica Taylor / PA WireRobert Goodwill speaks in the House of Commons

Michael Cole via Getty ImagesFormer Minister Robert Goodwill (left) is a classic car enthusiast

Brady has repeatedly rebelled against the government over Covid restrictions.

The Altrincham and Sale West MP, who has been chairman of 1922 for the last eleven years, recently criticized the suggestion that the government could impose local bans to contain the India Covid variant and is likely to opt out of delaying until on June 21st express the final lifting of the restrictions.

The election to appoint the chairman and officers of 1922 is not expected to take place until after June 21, when it is hoped that more MPs will return to Westminster.

Brady was last elected as the 1922 chairman in January 2020 after overcoming a challenge posed by North Herefordshire MP Bill Wiggin.

Johnson videolinked before the 1922 Committee Wednesday evening, telling MPs that there was “mounting evidence” that vaccines against variants are effective and that he was “even more cautiously optimistic” about opening society than he was last week .

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