Discover: BA12 0JX, Mr David and Mrs Diana Bannell: environmental allow utility advertisement- EPR/UB3791WD/A001

Note: BA12 0JX, Mr. David and Ms. Diana Bannell: Promotion of the Environmental Permit Application – EPR / UB3791WD / A001

Environment agency

BA12 0JX, Mr. David and Mrs. Diana Bannell: Advertisement for the application for an environmental permit


The Environment Agency consults the public on certain requests for:

  • Waste and mining waste operations
  • Installations
  • Water discharge and groundwater activities
  • medium combustion plant and specified generators

The regulations are explained in their declaration of public participation

These notes explain:

  • what the application is about
  • At which office of the environmental agency can you view the application documents in the public register
  • if you have to comment from

The environmental agency decides:

  • whether the application should be granted or rejected
  • which conditions must be included in the permit (if granted)

Published September 6, 2021

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