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Boris Johnson’s subsequent reshuffle: who’s tipped for promotion?

Michael Gove and Liz Truss are among those Tory MPs who, according to latest reports, are likely to benefit from Boris Johnson’s next cabinet reshuffle.

The Financial Times says the prime minister will likely postpone his “much anticipated” occupation of his top table until after the CopP26 climate summit in Glasgow in November. However, other commentators believe he could act sooner.

The New Statesman says that with Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s ratings “rising” and “falling” ratings amid the “feeling that the government is producing more hot air than actual politics”, a “summer reshuffle” effect is more of a concern to conservatives will evoke MPs ”.

While the timing of the next cabinet change has not yet been announced, there is already speculation about who will come to the top of the table – and who may be at the top. The Daily Mail reports that sources tip Michael Gove to replace Priti Patel as Home Secretary “if the refugee boat crisis continues to escalate.” Although Johnson and Gove – currently Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster – “have spent much of the past decade engaging in private political psychodrama,” the two are “once again close allies,” according to the newspaper.

In the meantime, Liz Truss has been touted “as Sunak’s successor in the Treasury”, reported Katy Balls by the viewer, due to an alleged “rift” between the Prime Minister and his Chancellor.

Johnson sees Foreign Trade Secretary Truss as “someone whose stocks are high and who is a reformer,” writes Balls. Even so, it would be “a shock to Sunak to actually be relocated”.

This verdict appears to be shared by the Daily Express, which instead instructs Truss to take over Dominic Raab as foreign minister. “In Liz we Truss,” proclaims the newspaper, which says that while Truss “attracts the wrath of the lively Twitterati”, it appeals to the “sound ideology of the vast majority of Britons”.

With many Brits feeling less impressed with Gavin Williamson amid ongoing A-Level results, The Spectator’s Balls predicts the embattled education secretary could be transferred to a new role “suited to his skill set” as head of house. as the private parliamentary secretary and chief whip of a former prime minister ”.

The Guardian reports that “controversial gender equality secretary” Kemi Badenoch will be “controversial” about replacing Williamson if he is dismissed.

Other potential benefactors could be Anne-Marie Trevelyan, who was promised a return to the top table “when international development was incorporated into the Foreign Office,” says Balls.

Several members of the 107 Tory MPs enrolled in 2019 have “also drawn the attention of Johnson’s advisors,” reports the FT, including financial advisor Claire Coutinho and Laura Trott, who served as director of strategic communications under David Cameron.

“Angela Richardson, a former investment banker, is rated as highly rated by party leaders as James Sunderland, a former army colonel,” the newspaper added.

And a senior Tory insider allegedly claimed that Andrew Griffith, Sky’s former CFO, “would take on any ministerial role.”

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