Blinding fog to blanket the UK in days.

Britons are warned by the Met Office of wave fog that could cover the country and cause widespread travel disruption.

The yellow weather warning issued by the Met Office is the second of its kind this week after two days of heavy fog risking travel chaos between Monday and Wednesday.

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Meteorologists are now announcing that this disruption will last longer between today and Friday. The dense fog could cause temperatures to plummet below -4C.

The weather agency has also warned Britain of the extreme danger fog poses due to the extremely reduced visibility.

People are advised to avoid travel entirely if possible. If people find themselves on the road, they should approach driving with extreme caution. Make sure you use their low beams. The use of high beams in fog should be avoided as they will reflect off the fog, resulting in a white wall effect and greatly reducing visibility.

The Met Office issued a yellow weather warning in relation to the fog on Tuesday evening.

The fog blanket at its northernmost point is expected to reach Liverpool after passing Birmingham and Stoke-on-Trent. To the south it is expected to follow the south coastline before inundating coastal regions such as Portsmouth and Brighton.

Explaining the warning, the Met Office wrote: “Nebulae will form throughout the evening and then continue to spread overnight – potentially disrupting travel.”

Forecasters are advising the public to expect severely impacted travel times, with bus and train service delays very likely.

The fog also brings with it the risk of delayed or canceled flights when airports are behind the fog trail.

Airports in the affected areas include London Stansted and Birmingham International.

The fog will be paired with freezing temperatures, with meteorologists calling the combination “dense freezing fog.”

The Met Office says it’s important to watch your speed, as the weather shape “can give the illusion of moving in slow motion”.

“It’s also important to remember to turn off the fog lights after visibility improves and not to rely on the taillights in front of your vehicle to gauge your position as they can give a false sense of security in fog.”

The national weather agency also issued warnings related to “freezing fog,” which consists of water droplets that “freeze on contact with objects such as the sidewalk, road, car, etc.” Ice fog can form layers of ice extremely quickly.

The current path of the fog front is particularly dangerous due to the threat of widespread frost and falling temperatures. Some regions are expected to reach -4°C

This fog will intensify some already frosty conditions with up to 5cm of snow expected.

Maps from WXCharts show that the Atlantic pressure system that brought cold weather and snow from Greenland earlier in the month will continue to hit the UK, with temperatures falling to -1C in parts earlier this week.

Met Office forecaster Alex Deaking said earlier this week: “There is a hint of blue on the maps in Scotland and Northern Ireland and so rural areas and hills are sure to see pockets of frost.

“Most cities stay just up, but we’re further south here in the colder air, with the clouds and rain we’re far from freezing, and the southwest cities might stay in double digits.”

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